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PostSubject: Mafia-nation   Mafia-nation EmptyThu Mar 26, 2009 3:07 pm , join the game it's a text web based game heres more about the storyline......It was a cold, dark night. The glow of a full moon pierced the gaps in a canopy of thick, black clouds that hung in the sky. The misty rain distorted vision almost completely as the tiny droplets of water vapor swayed a pattern in the musky air. A pungent smell lingered in the back of your throat, one look into your eyes could reveal that your heart was as black as the sky itself.You looked down the scope of your sniper rifle into the window of small safe-house, a seemingly harmless man sat in in a leather recliner clutching a glass of brandy next to a wood burning fire. You slowly squeezed on the trigger, there was a high pitched pop as the bullet blasted through the man's skull spraying the walls red with blood. You reached into your pocket and took out your cell phone, punched in a number and put the phone to your ear."It's done." you said calmly.

// By StarFox
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